Community Services and Estate Management

The Community Services and Estate Management (CSEM) under the Homeowners and Community Development Division (HCD) serves as an overseer of all City Relocation Sites – 60 Home Owner Associations (HOAs). The section facilitate the provision and maintenance of the facilities, such as, road concreting, basketball court, Child Development Center, Health Center, Basic Services (water and electric)and others through coordination and referrals with other Local – City departments or Offices. It also maintained and implement peace and order inside the relocation through facilitation of community disputes and concerns through its HOA officers and local barangay unit. Moreover, as an Estate Management section it regulates and implement National and Local laws/ordinances especially on HOAs delinquent members, open spaces intended for parks community facilities and others. Lastly, it facilitate and assist the Informal Settler Families of the City affected by demolition, fire and other related disaster through house hold listing and mapping vis-à-vis housing application, replacement (if available) and temporary shelter.