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Application Process


Applicants for socialized housing will be given list of CHUDD requirements to comply.


Applicants are required to submit complete requirements (in 1 long brown envelope) for them to be interviewed (SES) and encoded (INFORMATION SYSTEM)


3.1 For walk-in applicants:

Segregate list according to year applied. Cross-match names with list of Sendong relocation beneficiaries (for one home lot per household policy).

3.2 For referred areas:

Cross-match names with the masterlist of beneficiaries of shelter related agencies and financing institutions whether government or private sector (for one home lot per household policy).

3.3 For LOT ONLY Applicants/Poorest of the Poor Income Bracket

Do actual visit to check & validate the living condition of the said applicants.


Conduct orientations to qualified applicants. There are 3-module seminars:

4.1 Module 1 - General Orientation (Socialized Housing Program of CDO City Government)

4.2 Module 2 - Orientation of Shelter Agencies (SHFC, Pag-IBIG, NHA, HLURB, DSWD)

4.3 Module 3 - Organization of Homeowners Association (HOA)


Qualified applicants are grouped, from 200-300 households per HOA. The HOA is then organized and facilitated for Election of Ad Hoc Officers. HLURB application is processed for HOA registration and certification.

Map of existing resettlement areas

Basemap showing Cagayan de Oro city's Resettlement areas.

Relocation Statistics

The number of beneficiaries in the resettlement areas that are being facilitated by the City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD) of the City Government


About CDO City Housing and Urban Development Department

Overview of the Department

The creation of the department started with the data coming from the Estate Management Division under the City Planning and Development Office and the Local Housing Board of Cagayan de Oro. With a total number of 34,898 informal settler families which was then translated into the Local Shelter plan. The main recommendation of the LSP was to establish a department that will handle the housing concerns of the city. By 2015, the first Housing Summit was held which produced a 7-point agenda for the city to prioritize housing programs which will address the number of ISF’s stated and the incoming population that will inhabit the city. With such ideas in thought, the City Housing and Urban Development Department was born through City Ordinance No. 13175-2016.

Under the present administration’s 8-point agenda, housing has been identified as not only a social development objective, but more dynamically, a driver for economic development, with its goal being: the “Strategic relocation of residents in high-risk areas and informal communities, serving as the catalyst for the development of new growth areas.” True to its intention, the City has set its sights on acquiring new lands for housing development within the two identified growth areas: uptown-west and uptown-east, specifically Lumbia, Pagatpat, and Balubal, not just to spatially decongest the core urban area downtown, but to primarily spur and distribute development.

Socialized Housing Projects


A total of 3 SHPs located at Pagatpat Relocation Phase 2 – Pagatpat, Chiz Escudero - Phase 3 Calaanan, Canitoan and Habitat for Humanity – Phase 1, Calaanan, Canitoan have been implemented with a total of 234 units constructed.


One (1) SHPs located at Gk Shell – Basakan, Canitoan has been implemented with a total of 20 units constructed.


A total of 3 SHPs located at Japan Non-Grant Aid Relocation Project – Pahiron, Lumbia, Japan Non-Grant Aid Relocation Project – Macapaya, Camaman-an, Filipino Chinese Friendship Village – P2b Calaanan, Canitoan has been implemented with a total of 470 units constructed.


One (1) SHPs located at Pagatpat Resettlement Project Phase 2 – Pamalihi, Pagatpat has been implemented with a total of 600 units undergoing land development.


The Vision of the department as the strategic and prime development hub of the south, a city-managed through the good governance, with an empowered citizenry that thrives in a highly competitive economy, and a sustainable environment that nurtures its diversity and multicultural heritage towards a resilient, progressive, and inclusive future.


  1. Provide decent shelter to underprivileged and homeless Kagay-anons whose lives are economically challenged;
  2. Strategically provide tenure and empower communities for sustainable development.
  3. Provide inclusive resettlement areas; and
  4. Transpire stakeholders and communities’ participation for humane, efficient, and transparent participatory governance.

Contact Details

For more details, email us at or visit our office at Ground Floor South Wing Administrative Building, City Hall, Capistrano Hayes Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

Zero Equity!!

Ang BALUBAL SOCIALIZED HOUSING PROJECT PHASE 2 nga proyekto sa City Government sa Cagayan de Oro, itukod sa 4.3 hectares sa Purok 2, Barangay Balubal. CONDO TYPE kani na panimalay, adunay duha ka andanas, 12 ka units kada andanas, 24 ka units kada building. Mo suma kini sa 40 ka buildings o 960 ka units.

LIBRE ang EQUITY o walay bayaran na equity ang aplikante tungod sa Socialized Housing Balance Compliance sa Vista Land and Landscapes, Inc. (Camella and Bria Developers). Sila ang responsable sa LAND DEVELOPMENT sa kantidad na P71,200,000.00. Nahimo kining possible tungod sa paningkamot ni Commissioner Atty. Lloyd Christopher Lao sa HLURB (Housing and Land use Regulatory Board) pinaagi sa BALAI (Building Adequate, Livable, Affordable and Inclusive Filipino Communiuties) Program.

Kantidad sa LOTE ug HOUSING CONSTRUCTION ang bayaran sa aplikante. Ang orihinal na presyo sa pagpalit sa lote ang maoy bayaran, walay tubo o increase. Ang mga open spaces susama sa mga parke, mercado, basketball court ihatag kini ug libre sa lokal na gobyerno. Ang tukoran sa building mao lamang ang bayaran na lote.

Ang Housing Construction bayaran sa aplikante pinaagi sa CMP (Community Mortgage Program) sa SHFC (Social Housing Finance Corporation). Bayaran kini sa sulod sa 30 ka tuig (30 years) sa interest na 4.5%. Tungod kay CMP man ang pag-loan sa unit, ang BALUBAL HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION FEDERATION, INC. ang mag-loan sa SHFC para sa tibuok 960 ka aplikante. Ang maong federasyon adunay tulo (3) ka HOA (Homeowners Association) na myembro: UPLAND BALUBAL HOA, CHARITY BALUBAL HOA ug NEW ERA VICTORY HOA.

Written by: Ms. Maria Liza M. Inting, IE
Community Affairs Officer - UDP

24 Sqm Living and Dining Area Kitchen Toilet and Bathroom Service Area Loftable

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